I have known Dan for several years now. We first met on a film project where we worked together. We have since worked on several more projects together. I have always found Dan to be hardworking and dedicated. He is very enthusiastic and brings a high level of professionalism to everything he does. I highly recommend Dan Allers for his serious work ethic, his commitment to quality and his hard work. Dan is a dream to work with and is personable and fun." 

   Gayla Wilson-Corbin Idaho film maker


"I have worked with and for Dan many times on a variety of jobs. He is conscientious and thorough in his preparation for a job and meticulous in the execution of his duties. Dan is a hard working and effective leader as well as a supportive coworker. He has worked very hard to develop ICE and holds his company and associates to a very high standard."

    Bob Trowbridge  Grip


 "Dan is the first person I recommend when someone is looking for someone to do lighting or grip work. Awesome to work with!”

Sharon Larson     20 years Sound and Boom person


"Dan Allers is an exceptional resource in Idaho's production community. His wealth of experience, knowledge, and positive attitude have made him "the one" to go to for any size production."

    Mack Lewis Idaho film maker


“Dan, On my next job, you'll be the first I call.”

      Michael Margulies     50 years Director of Photography 

 Awards for Outstanding Achievement 1987, 1988, 1989.

1996 was awarded the American Society of Cinematographer's Poineer Award.


“Dan is just a great all around guy to work with. He has an excellent work ethic, professional demeanor and best of all, a great sense of humor. I know I can always rely on him 110% to get the job done without any hand holding required, and in this industry that counts for everything!”

      Karen Torongo       15 years Producer of feature films


“Dan is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and extremely helpful. He took the time to help me in my early years of costuming to understand exactly how lighting affects costume colors. He has the patience of a saint! His sense of humor works hand in hand with his professionalism. He has very high expectations of himself and everyone around him, yet he always has a smile and words of encouragement. It is always a pleasure to work with Dan!”

 Debbie Johnson      25 years Actress and Costumer


“I have worked with Dan on numerous occasions and he is the consummate professional. He knows his stuff, is always helpful and a pleasure to work with. I always know if Dan is on the shoot things will work out great!”

Christl Colven       22 years Special FX Makeup Artist


“Dan knows about grip and best boy and gaffering and lights and all that technical stuff. He's got a great sense of humor and a fine resume. He works coast to coast.”

Ken Rodgers        1st time Filmmaker Bravo!